Big Stew is away :-) Gracie Barra goes to Glasto

Tomorrow my girlfriend is running in the race for life so anyone who wants to sponsor this amazing charity please go here–13-jun-10-1030.aspx

Then I will be going down to catch the end of the Lagarto Seminar which is on tomorrow to cheer on the boys and see who gets what stripe and belt wise and to pay my respects to John Goldson head of, in my opinion, the best BJJ school around and to world class BJJ player and top man Lagarto.

After all that tuesday morning I am off to the hopefully sunny climbs of Glastonbury and I will be spreading the word, I am taking my Team Gracie Barra T-Shirts and will be extolling the BJJ virtues to anyone who asks me about it.

So until I get back thanks for reading I kinda started this just to record my progress and thoughts for later life so the fact that more than just me has logged on surprises me……………………….. scootch a butt, awma bwar move a spwyder gward and monch

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