BJJ – good for body and mind

Well I had a great week in Glastonbury saw all the acts I wanted too, the weather was amazing and I took my Gracie Barra T shirts down there to represent (I think that is what the young cool kids call it :-))  It was fantastic and I felt physically well after  a break from training which allowed my dodgy shoulders to heal up and even let me brush my hair again 😉

Then I got back and work loomed, all good I thought I am chilled and relaxed, I walked back in with a smile and a few moments later the storm had descended and it felt like I had never been away.

This week it got even worse with one thing after an other 12 and 13 hour days and many missed training sessions, I even missed the kids getting thier gradings which really got me down.  Once again let me say well done to them all but especially my little mates Will, Sal and future UFC champion and hall of famer Cole (4 years old) you are super stars and will all go on to become good fighters and people.

I felt my self get worse and worse, sleeping less, more and more difficult with folk and fed up moody and insular at home, all in all 300lbs of angry man.

So last night I forced myself to leave work and get to training, my good friend Mr Gregg came down and we had a very good warm up roll and then I went through a class even tapped the near un-tappable Damo with a nice little leg lock which pleased me greatly (maybe a little more than it should I will admit, but I kept it inside).  I loved every minute of it from helping some of the newest of the new where I could to rolling with some of the lads I have not seen for a while.

I slept better last night although I always suffer a bit of restlessness after training and never sleep that well, remedies on a postcard please, I also seem to suffer from heartburn after training for some reason, but anyway it was still better and I feel much more rested.

Woke up this morning and I feel so much better and more positive, admittedly the fact it is Friday helps but the fact that I am off training again tonight has also made me feel a lot better.  All in all then I now know that no matter what I have to try and make some time even if it is just a little bit in the middle of the crisis to get myself down to the forge and get some sparring under my belt.  BJJ it really is good for what ails you.


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2 responses to “BJJ – good for body and mind

  1. Samurai Che

    Good to have you back brother. Chin up, a heart as big as yours shouldn’t be blue 🙂 Big man jitsu all the way.

  2. Hock & Holl

    love you man, drive me forward

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