Time Out

Now with title included 🙂

Sam well done on another win and Taff well done on that 4th stripe.

Fraid this is another one which is just the ramblings of a fairly fed up BJJ car wreck of a man 🙂

Well this last week or so has been too busy at work and to compound my injuries I have now come down with a fairly nasty chest infection which last time I had it at the back end of last year got a bit serious to say the least.  This all leads to a few things, the long work hours and extra days in work means I cannot meet up with the strongest little man I know my good mate Chaz, in a timely UFC manner which is the first one in some time, sorry bro.

It also means that I have to put training on the backburner for a few days if not longer, Wednesday was the last time I went.

Now previously I have written about the fact that time out may be a good thing as it will allow ouchy things to stop hurting and body to heal.  Looking at this I am not so sure really, I am never going to take enough time for everything to get better (lord knows that could be years :-)) so maybe it is actually a counter productive thing.

It is odd all in all as mentally a few things occur, I obviously miss training as it is my release from what is becoming an increasingly pressured job with longer and longer hours, secondly I hate to think I am missing out of new techniques and teachings from John and the rest, new things I could use, adapt and add to my limited arsenal.  Finally I miss my mates down there as the Forge and the people in it have become a big part of my life now.  So as odd as it sounds I miss seeing the likes of Gregg, James, Naz the Samurai, Chaz, Lazy lazy Steve, Taff, Hobo Rich, Hayden, my new mates Ross and Damien, Dunc, Fiddy, Antony the ninja and the rest.  Couple the fact that I am far more grumpy both at home and at work the picture is complete 🙂 yeah that is right even more grumpy than usual and man I am grumpy.

Physically it is also an odd one as I am (hopefully) not going to miss too much so the ouchy things will not get the full chance to heal.  Then when I return they will just feel that bit tighter due to the rest.  Also the things that you get used to such as the Goldson patent knee on belly which moved to knee then elbow in chest and finally the hideous knee in kidneys seem to hurt that much more.  Your receptors and threshold have in order sharpened again a little and dropped you are in effect reset no longer used to the punishment.  Thus on return it all feels new, painful and not something that is much fun, but as it is the nature of the BJJ best I will put up with it.

Also it seems that the tiny amounts of cardio I have built up vanish in a couple of days sat round coughing and wheezing.  Even the patented run round in a circle 1,2,3,4 drill for a warm up seems like an ultra marathon.  Well even more so than usual as I admit the whole running thing is not my bag any more.

So in conclusion as with a lot of things in BJJ I am left confused, time off is both great and awful, it both helps and hinders, you both heal and yet feel more pain, I sleep better but worse and finally you are fitter but much less fit, however one thing I do know is it makes me miss rolling, my mates and coach at the gym and BJJ in general.

I’ll be back……………….


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2 responses to “Time Out

  1. Samurai Che

    We miss your larger than life presence too brother.
    What you say is spot on. Knowing that I will be away for a short time soon has go me behaving like I’m hoarding before a natural disaster. I’m trying to get in as many sessions as possible to see me through the dry spell! Factor in my battle plan drawn up with Yousuf on how to train during ramadhan and I understand your feelings completely.

    But in the end of the day there are only two things we can do; quit or keep on keepin on!

    So…get well and see you soon 🙂

  2. you are a silly sod, i dont mind waiting a couple of days to watch, the ufc, still gutted sonnen didnt win the belt, silva is such a CUNT.

    Hope you feel better soon, dont come back too early or you may end up feeling even worse.

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