See ya soon

Well last blog for a couple of weeks as I fly off to sunny Tenerife for a couple of weeks on Friday but I have made arrangements to go and roll with Gracie Tenerife 🙂

So a few thoughts/comments/random mind bursts before I go.

Dave K best of luck and good will against Jeff Monson, keep that snowman stood up use your reach and that stinging jab and sting and win, I will be down tonight to help out where I can tonight.

Ross P keep working on our Tag Team Gi’s and when I get back we will push for Tag Team MMA and BJJ titles 🙂

Chas just keep on rolling buddy and keep the little future champion pushing forward.

Hayden you will be missed bro keep you and the lovely Jade well and come back and see us soon as a purple belt man.

Naz and Yousuf see you seen guys enjoy Eid

Gregg and James get well soon

And all in all guys here at Gracie Barra or who roll anywhere have a ball, be safe and see some of you in a couple of weeks.

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One response to “See ya soon

  1. barragergus

    see you soon bro, i’ll be a different machine when you return

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