On a personal note

Well this one is more of a personal note that usual but do not worry it is not a self aggrandising post just a little state of my union address I guess.

Honestly things are going well, why is this? Well the Forge continues from strength to strength and now teaches MMA with a 20ft cage to be installed this week this will all be christened by an open day join in here

This is great as I love to see the Forge going from strength to strength as it really is my home from home and I am as happy there as I am anywhere else but home.

John Goldson went on Sheffield Radio last week and did a sterling job promoting the club and the sport listen again at
this link

On a personal note things are also good:

Work as ever is busy as a busy thing but is going well and they even accept the warrior t shirts and the odd bruise and Gi burn to the face.

I feel much more comfortable in my game than I have in ages with a new found love of the half guard position and a couple of cheeky little sweeps as well as a nice submission ankle lock taught to me by Mr Ross Pettifer it is lots of fun. I am finding myself stuck on my back rarely now and when I do know what I should be doing to get out even if at times I cannot always do it.

I now have an early morning training session at the gym with Damien, Ross and by the looks of it others will join and this can only help with things and so far my weight loss is still going on which is also a good thing.

Finally it is great to see the progress of my mates at the gym, Big Naz is becoming harder and harder to tap using his RDR style :-), Chas as ever it is a nightmare and a pleasure, Gregg elbow on hand is a killer but your advice is always so helpful, Ross, Damien, Mr Rayner it gets better every time and finally a mention to 15 year old Jake who weighs about a third of what I do (well maybe half) who tapped me with an arm bar displaying the most perfect of technique.

With a team like that how could I go wrong, I want push forward and better my stripes and in time my belt when I am ready to do so, it is a long journey but one I love.

13/09/10 Starting weight 22st 11lbs / 319lbs / 145kgs
20/09/10 Now 22st 8lbs / 316lbs / 143.5kgs
06/10/2010 Now 22st / 308lbs / 140kgs

Total loss 11 lbs / 5kgs


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2 responses to “On a personal note

  1. Samurai Che

    Great post which brought a real smile to my face 🙂
    Never the same without you brother, as previously said you have been a huge inspiration and source of support.
    Ups and downs in the BJJ journey are inevitable; you just gotta keep on keepin on. As the wise say “RDR brutha!” 😀

  2. Thanks very much for the mention Stu, very humbling! I wish I could put in more mat time then I do at the moment, but things will change.

    Jake is a real nightmare to deal with, such great technique, he tied me up in knots. A real prospect there with a great future no doubt.

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