Feliz aniversário para Mim

Well as I have pointed out a few places elsewhere today is my second anniversary of training Gracie BJJ at Gracie Barra Sheffield down at the Forge under John Goldson and Lucio ‘Lagarto’ Rodriguez.

It has been on the whole an immensely positive time yeah I have had a few low point but they have mainly been in my head and not really connected to the gym and don’t we all have those moments.

I have gone from 26 stone to 22 stone, from a no belt to a blue belt one stripe and from someone who had never fought legitimately to someone who now has a silver medal at the Gracie Invitational at the Seni. All in all quite a change around in my outlook and they way I am, I would never have thought I would find a sport again which I loved as much as I did Rugby League but I have.

I never thought I would enjoy that ache and fatigue of a good workout but now if I go too long I miss it, hence rolling while on holiday in Spain.

The other big positive of it all has been meeting a very good set of people who have mostly become good friends and who support me and I will be there for as long as I can. So to Gregg, James, Chaz, Naz, Rich G, Ross, Damo, Damo, Dom, Max, Dunc, Steve, Big Dave, Chris, Yousef, Hayden, Guy, Tracy, Ben, Pete Dutton, Dan, Taffi, Fiddy, Dmitry, Ellie, Ming, Big and Wee Paul, Pete, American and English Rob, Ryan, Seymour and of course my coaches John, Lucio and Lagarto as well as all those at ShootFighters, Manchester and anywhere else I have trained I thank you and you have my respect and my gratitude for helping me on my journey and for your continued support. (anyone I forget I apologise)

These are the folks who supported me through thick and thin and who recently when I had my wallet lifted all checked to see I was OK before they started taking the mick, well all but Gregg, Ross even donated a very nice wallet to me to replace the one I lost, thanks bro.

The Forge continues to go from strength to strength and last beginner class I went to had over 40 people on the mat which is brilliant. The MMA part is due to start soon and I helped carry the cage in last week it is going to be awesome.

So to all thinking about MMA or BJJ please come along FORGE OPEN DAY sadly I will not be there as I am off to watch the NFL in London which I booked back in Feb but I will be back soon. Also to anyone who thinks they just fancy MMA I suggest you give BJJ with the Gi a go it is brilliant and truly the best decision I took.

With all this in mind I have this to say as I finish, I do not know if GB Sheffield is the best gym or has the best this or that, all I do know is that for me I have never found anywhere better. No gym I have trained at has felt as much like home and as much like I am getting better and stronger every day and that is what matters to me.

Here is to many more years, more stripes, more belts, more medals for us all but most importantly more friends and a bigger and tighter family at GB Sheffield.

13/09/10 Starting weight 22st 11lbs / 319lbs / 145kgs
20/09/10 Now 22st 8lbs / 316lbs / 143.5kgs
06/10/2010 Now 22st / 308lbs / 140kgs
20/10/2010 Now 22st / 308lbs / 140kgs

Total loss 11 lbs / 5kgs

(edited to correct Portuguese grammar)


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4 responses to “Feliz aniversário para Mim

  1. Samurai Che

    Congratulations brother.

    You were also the person I partnered up with at my 1st ever class…and it was downhill from then on lol 😉

    You shouted me on, even though you couldn’t train yourself, the day I got my 1st stripe 🙂

    You have always motivated me and helped keep
    me on the BJJ road. It is comforting indeed to
    be taken under your not insignificant wing 🙂

    May we all have many more years together as team mates, friends…brothers 🙂

  2. David "Fiddy" T

    Parabéns Grandão!
    Just one thing, it’s Feliz aniversário para Mim

    I’m the Portuguese grammar fascist!!

  3. Happy second! Btw, email me your addy ill send.you new bjj grab and pull wallet if you want

  4. Great news Stu, parabéns!

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