Just like the prodigal son

I eventually managed to return to the Forge.

Just a quick Saturday update.

So a couple of cool things happened this week with people who have read my blog, generally pointed to it by Mr Yang so thanks for that mate, asking me to write some stuff for them.

The first was On The Mat which is a big website and has a lot of cool folk contributing to them, and now me so I will bring the cool factor down 🙂

The second is MMAD Magazine who are currently online but are launching a hard copy in the new year and want me to be a north of England type guy looking at BJJ and MMA which is very cool indeed and I am looking forward to both.

So hopefully these both come off and more of my random ramblings as well as some interviews and other things will be coming soon.

Anyway back to today and I had a great session back at the forge, the place looks amazing now it is all opened out and it really is more and more becoming a fantastic place to be proud of training at.

The session today was with Lucio Sergio Dos Santos a world class black belt from Brazil and he taught us a few very cool moves from the Omaplata setup (videos and pictures to follow) and once again was a total joy to train with.

All in all things are looking up and I hope to get a full week under my belt next week, work permitting as ever.

So the goals, a slight amendment:

1) Get below 20st (22 currently)
2) Get another comp medal somewhere (UMA in dec my first target)
3) Try and earn another stripe
4) Push Gregg and I over the 400Lbs limit for a dead lift which is now the aim for Feb Gregg’s borthday (just for fun) 70Lbs to go
a. Hit 200Kg 440Lbs for my birthday in April.

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