To Gi or not to Gi

So I intend to start doing a few Gi reviews as soon as I can get hold of some to review, as well as the ones I currently wear.

Well as I am sure you all know there are loads of Gi reviewers on the net the best of which is found here in my opinion meerkatsu so what am I doing bothering.

Well I intend to review the newish range of Gordo Gi’s that are around the Gi for the larger man. As it is I am 6’3” 300Lbs with a build not unlike a mountain silverback. My arm span is over 6’8” which makes it hard to get sleeves that are right with a body which is still reasonable. I have the legs thighs and hind quarters of a gorilla as befits a man my size but this can make it a tricky thing getting the right Gi in size, style, comfort and fit, also I put a hell of a lot of strain on a Gi so it has to be hardy.

Oh and I am not alone, in my gym alone there are many six foot plus guys, a couple at over 6’6” and two over 6’8” as well as four or five who tip the scales at over 18st in weight and a couple of 20st plus beasts (admittedly I am one) and most Gi reviews are by the normal human being which while great do not cater for folks built a big bigger.

So I will be starting this week with reviews of my Keiko Raca Gi and my two different Gracie Barra Gi’s the basic and the premium grade ones.

Hopefully I will be able to expand this as time goes by.

Just to update thanks to Gareth at Tatami Gi’s who is sending me this Gi to review


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3 responses to “To Gi or not to Gi

  1. Good idea, we can be the Little and Large of the gi review world MWAHAHAHA!

  2. Works for me matey, now all I have to do is get hold of some more Gi’s

  3. Awesome stuff bra, good to see you guys being so successful and working together.

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