Fight Bite – Custom Gum Shields

I honestly believe that one of the best things that you can spend your money on as a fighter/casual roller or even just to enter the odd comp is a custom made gum shield. I personally have always struggled with gum shields all through my rugby and into BJJ and got myself a custom dentist one which has been a great buy but never quite 100% solved the problem of my clicking jaw, it did solve pretty much every other one. Admittedly this comes from having my jaw broken or out of socket a few times and no amazingly I did not do this eating.

Tonight I met a gent called Haroon Nawaz who had come down with some custom made gum shields for a few guys at the gym, my first thought was that they looked very cool, and also very good quality. He then gave me a sample to have a look at and that also seemed very good.

Then Haroon really impressed me by having a look at my gum shield and telling me what issues he thought it would cause me and how it could be improved, he seemed pretty much on the money.

The result was that we agreed I would go through the custom process with him and run a full review as he is about to launch a new website fightbite (official link coming soon) and get into the market.

All I have seen so far suggests a good product well made but the review will tell us more as I go from impression right through to gum shield, so watch this space.

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