Gi Reviews My Take

As my first Gi review should be out by the weekend of the Tatami Estilo I thought I would explain my ethos.

There are a lot of reviews and reviewers out there and of course it is a very subjective thing so why am I throwing my hat into the ring along side this.

Well it is never that wise to take the first opinion about a product as what is great for one person may not be for another and that is one reason for this.

The second is that I will try and take a different approach, I have of course stated that I will be looking at the Gi for the bigger BJJ guy.

This however entails more than just size, I will be looking at the fit and if it is a good fit in one area but far to big in others which can be an issue, secondly how does it stand up to me and my team mates. A Gi may look and seem strong and robust when used by smaller fighters but what happens when a 20st plus roller is hanging from it under another guy that size, all of a sudden it is a different game. Couple that with the fact that when I shrimp, scoot, roll, warm up and move in my Gi it puts a lot of strain on it. Things tend to wear out quicker and tear more easily when used by someone of considerable size and strength.

This then I guess is the difference that I will bring to reviews, this is a case of, how well does it hold up, if it is expensive is it worth it because it will last ages or does it just look good. As you can be pretty sure that if it holds up to my scrutiny and rolling then it will almost certainly do the same for you.

Does it become uncomfortable as certain areas shrink which may not matter to the average build fighter, does the material degrade and twist, I had one Gi on where the weave actually twisted and the Gi then never felt right.

I guess I am your crash test dummy putting the Gi through the ringer and back again and from that it will give a very good idea of the hardiness as Gi’s are expensive and not something you want to be buying too often, unless you become an addict which is all to easy.

I suggest that you read this sort of review from myself along side the excellent reviews at MEERKATSU’s blog and if you still cannot decide then maybe you are creeping towards becoming an addict like Seymour, myself and may others.

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  1. told you, we’re the Little & Large of BJJ blogsville

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