Front Page – On The Mat

Well I am really chuffed as today I have had my second article and first ever review to hit the from page of the awesome website

This is a great start to my fledgling blog and I would like to thank some folk for their help as well.

Colby, Drac, Justin you guys are awesome
Seymour my blogging Jedi master
Gregg for pictures advice and bruises
Tony for amazing Gi pics
Richard for the amazing new logo

All at the forge who are my second family and all who have sent me anything to review or even just replied to say no thanks.


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3 responses to “Front Page – On The Mat

  1. Use the Force Stew, Use the Force!

    HAHAH, well done bro

  2. thats awesome….. i got a metion

    oh and its pretty good for you as well i supose

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