Coming to a screen near you soon

Well a little update as to where we are and what we have coming up.

I have my Tatami Zero G review to go up shortly as well as a guest reviewer doing a new US Gi from Sick brands for me, I have also just had a Gorilla Gear Gi arrive for review all 3.8Kg of it πŸ™‚

I am waiting for the new Sprawl Gi pants, lucky Gi, Submission Sniper and Gorilla Gi inc (diff company) products to come and they will all be going into review soon.

Also I have Braulio Estima and Rafael Lovato Jr’s iPhone apps to look at and review as well as doing some pre testing on a wrestling for BJJ application.

I have some brilliant interviews coming up and will be working hard on a new magazine due to launch on January into print and iPhone app.

On a personal note I will be pushing as hard as I can to improve myself and my Blue Belt one stripe status and will be pushing as hard as I can up to and over Christmas as well as attending the Lagarto Seminar on the 18th December.

Oh and I have a new facebook group HERE please come along and join.



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2 responses to “Coming to a screen near you soon

  1. Samurai Che

    love the logo Grandao!

  2. Street Ninja

    Exciting stuff coming up, keep up the good work big man.
    Keep training hard and It will pay off πŸ™‚

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