A Tatami New Year

I have been speaking with Gareth at Tatami and trying to get some details out of him as to what this exciting company are bringing out next year. Now he tells me there are loads of things happening most of which he cannot tell me about………..yet

However there are a few things he has told me about and they sound great.

– New 2011 style of BJJ GI material coat with red fleece lining
– PIN UP rash guards white and grey
– PIN UP GI winner in grey
– Terere signature GI navy with gold stitching
– New ladies MMA range
– Full re design of the ladies GI
– New branding on the Estilo

This all sounds good and I for one cannot WAIT to see the Terere Gi and the new Estilo as I officially love the version that I have now, so if it is going to be improved that will be quite something.

An exciting new year, watch this space for updates on other companies and retailers.

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One response to “A Tatami New Year

  1. Cant wait to get me some Tatami

    good work as always stu

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