Merry Christmas and a Tappy New Year

See what I did there……………………………………….

Just a quick one to say thanks to everyone who has helped me and especially this year, it has been a good one with some lows but more highs.

Thanks to Tatami, Gorilla Gear, Lucky, Scott from on the mat, Submission Sniper, Roy Dean, No Gi Apps, Dean at MMAD, Dan and Nate and Randy from iBJJ you have all been a great help and support and I look forward to working with you all in the new year. Oh and how could I forget, my mentor Meerkatsu.

Draculino, Colby and Justin you guys are a constant help and awesome guys.

The guys and girls of the Forge you are as ever an inspiration and a support and next year you will see me push harder than ever. Karl and Richard you have the graphic skills to pay the bills and Tony you are the ace photographer along with your apprentice Gregg. Ross, John, James, Naz, Chaz, Alisdair, Rich G, Rob, Max, Noel, Steve et al you al help me get better, but my god sometimes it seems like tough love 🙂

My family and friends always.

Finally Kerry without you I would be nothing.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and lets be awesome in 2011.

All the hours spent watching TV will be replaced by training. Instead of your good smelling girlfriend, you will be rolling around with bad smelling, sweaty men. Your ears will become deformed until they look like cauliflowers. Your fingers will become callous and your joints will hurt, your knees and ankles will never be the same again. Yet, you will be able to practice this sport jiu-jitsu and you WILL love it!


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4 responses to “Merry Christmas and a Tappy New Year

  1. Mentor, hahaha get away.
    Happy Xmas dude!

  2. 'Monster'

    Been a pleasure. Roll on 2011.

  3. Samurai Che

    Thanks bro 🙂
    Has indeed been an awesome year, thanks for all your help & support too.

    2011 will be good for us…and maybe I’ll let you interview the secretive BJJ bear-ister who lives in the corner at the gym lol

  4. Any time brother! Happy new year to you too! Great
    site..keep up the good work.

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