BJJ Sweeps – iPhone App Review

I just got a copy of this app with the aim of reviewing it and hopefully some others out there on the market. I am reviewing on an iPhone 4 running IOS 4.2.1 (8C148). The app version is the latest version 1.0.0

This is a fledgling market and really only the Machado Brothers, Stephen Kesting, Darculino and Roy Dean have embraced it fully, with only Roy and Draculino going for a full course offering. But there are more and more apps coming out offering some BJJ instruction.

As with all new apps and technologies there are bound to be teething problems and issues so I have taken this into account in this review. It is not the same as reviewing DVD’s, Gi’s or belts as these are all established and should be at that point of perfection, or at least nearing it.


BJJ Sweeps is headed by Black Belt Marcos Torregrosa and covers Deep Half Guard and Leg Wrap positions. It is produced by Handcrafted Web Solutions and the main man is Dan Munk who I hope to be dealing with again soon.

There is the standard disclaimer at the start of the app, about the risk of the sport and the fact that you take this on yourself and should always be aware of the risk but this varies from app to app.

It has a nice logo which is a good branding point.

There is no loading screen you are just presented with the app and the bottom task bar menu which is very basic but does all it needs. It has videos and an about button which has an extensive and impressive bio of Marcos.

Then inside each section there are move broken down by position in quite a basic but very easy to use style


For example:

Deep Half Guard
– Fundamentals
– Entries
– Rocking Chair Sweep
– Dump Sweep
– Scoop Sweep
– Multiple transitions to the back
– Multiple Gi Grip Sweeps
– Omoplata
– Transition to Leg Wrap

Leg Wrap
– Fundamentals
– Entries
– Single leg
– Taking the back
– Standing Sweeps
– Transition to Ankle Lock

– 50/50 Entry
– Ankle Lock Details

There is a nice shot of Marcos on the front screen and a fairly sparse menu no favourite section or such but this is something which could easily be added as the app is updated.

The menus then take you straight to a set of moves without the small icon previews but have a good explanation.


Now this is slightly different from the standard video app and I must say the presentation is lovely. You first get the move at full speed with a good music track behind it (suitably rock) and then you get an in depth breackdown by Marcos. Finally you get the steps which are highlighted by some very nice concise on screen bullet points. The video, is smooth, close enough and just looks great one of the best video offerings I have seen.

The sound, my old high horse, nemesis, chagrin call it what you will, well what can I say but awesome guys. It does not sound like it was recorded in a cave more that you are just listening to a teacher telling you what to do in the gym.

I guess you could say that it is relatively advanced techniques and not the for some looking for true basics and maybe not all moves are actual sweeps, there are some for taking the back, but that would be just looking for flaws.


So what do you get:

BJJ Sweeps App £2.39 / $3.99
21 techniques
Full explanation of all moves


This is a good app it looks and sounds great and does all you would need, but it really is for folk who are looking for these specific techniques and not a basics app however you will not find a better show or sounding app at this price range in my experience.


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