Awesome Gi and Professor John

So tonight was John’s first class as a black belt and he already has James referring to him as professor while he is laying down the pain ūüôā James however just seem glad that Pete is back so that John has another demonstration body.

A big shout out to Big Rob my brother from across the pond who had the first roll in class with John as a black belt and who was as close to tapping John as I ever have been, which is of course not at all close in any way.

I was also given some really good advice from John about the need to look at my game and actually start developing it as it should be, stopping working in other folks games, stop half committing or half carrying out a move and then resting and to be honest it all hit home.   He is dead right, all too often I work an escape, get some off my back and am in a good position only to pause, rest, collect my thoughts and by that time my opponent has moved and is back into a dominant place again.  For me it become so frustrating that I spend too much time moving, moving, moving which is not my game.  I need to move, escape, establish dominance and control and then if needs be take a rest.  Being off ill recently has not helped and my recovery is slowing me down but all this means is that I lose sooner it is not the reason I lose.  I have to say that of all the physical pursuits I have been involved in this is the one that most gets me down at times as no matter how much effort I put in, effort is not the key.  With rugby I was not the most talented but with effort and hard work I turned myself into a good player and played at a good level alongside future international stars.  With BJJ that effort alone is not enough, I have to work harder on the application of the effort and the technique as I want to progress in this sport more than any other one I have done.

So will I get there, well yeah I honestly believe I will as I have an amazing team and John one of very few Black Belts I have met who is prepared to invest so much in other people no matter ability or grade.  Couple that with the input from Lagarto and how can I not improve and progress?  The only thing holding me back now is how I play my game and how I focus in my head, so watch this space.

Now for the awesome Gi, have a look at James in the pictures below and you tell me if you do not agree ūüôā










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3 responses to “Awesome Gi and Professor John

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  2. David "Fiddy" T

    Love the bit about the application of the effort & technique Stew.
    Effort alone will only save you when your opponent knows less than you.

    Now that Gi is just outrageous ūüôā
    It looks like a Gi straight from (Street Fighter’s) Ryu’s wardrobe.

  3. rob

    I really felt like I gave John a run for his money during the first three seconds. It all went downhill after that.

    Blue Belt Massive,


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