Braulio Estima Interview

This is a translation of an interview Braulio recently gave to in Romania, I thought it was an interesting one which may folk would like to read so have done my very very best with the translation, sorry if there are any errors.

Read a great interview with Braulio Estima, one of the hottest grapplers today. See what he says about the world’s BJJ about the best MMA fighters and many more!

How was it for you the Europeans? You had some injuries last year ..

Braulio Estima: I had a neck injury in mid last year that kept me away from the mattress. Then I resumed training but was told by the Dr I have to operate if you want to avoid the risk of becoming paralyzed in an accident. One of my best friends died on January 10 this year, so I decided to attend the European Championship in his name, and to win for him. Basically, on 29 January I was at his funeral in the evening I returned to London, where we flew to Lisbon, where we arrived around 23:00. The next day we fought and we won the category, and on Monday I came back because I had surgery on Tuesday. It was a pretty busy week.

Although I was not in the best shape, I felt good during the match and was able to control their actions. I beat two opponents and I beat him on points to win overall.

Who was the man’s number 1 and who is no 1 competitor in the world?

Sergio Moraes was the best man of the competition for winning the Open site. Obviously, and I was as good as I’ve just beaten the him in the category, right? 🙂 The world number one is definitely Roger Gracie.

How would you describe briefly your BJJ?

Lifestyle, respect, spirit of competition.

What is the most important principle in BJJ?


What was the hardest match, the victory and the defeat that disappointed you the most?

I had many hard matches, each time the tests were true. The most important victory for me was the Open at ADCC in 2009 and was the biggest disappointment was at the World Pro finals, when there were some errors in arbitration.

How is your training in MMA going? When did you begin and with what objectives?

MMA workouts are going well, I have had the chance to prepare myself with the best athletes in the world. I had the surgery just for MMA and to not have problems later in my career. After I recover I will dedicate myself to training. I want to conquer all and win the most important belts in the sport.

What do you think of fighters like Jacare, Galvao, Maia, etc coming to MMA and surely they need more than just grappling and BJJ in MMA?

I cannot know what they think, but obviously the money was an important issue. Fortunately, BJJ’s becoming increasingly professional and there are already major competitions each month. I think all the world’s most famous MMA fighters do BJJ through.

Name three of the best ground fighters in MMA!

Anderson Silva, Georges St. Pierre, Junior dos Santos.

Name the three weakest ground fighters in MMA that have come a long way!

Overeem, Chuck Liddell, Cro Cop.

How was training with St. Pierre? Have you finished?

No comment on training, because anything can happen there. We did exchange information.

Who influenced you most in your career?

My instructor, Jose Radiola.

Favorite Submission?


Describe in one word the following people:

Carlos Gracie, creator
Helio Gracie, transforming
Georges St. Pierre, athlete
BJ Penn, talented
Rickson Gracie, undefeated
Jacare, explosiveness
Roger Gracie, incredible
Braulio Estima, determination

What are your goals for 2011?

First I want to come back after surgery to the neck, and I will begin to dedicate myself to training again. The main objective is the ADCC’s in September and then I will put MMA first..

Name the four semi-finalists of the BJJ Open in 2011!

Roger Gracie
Bernardo Farias
Claudio Calasans
Ricardo dementia (or Xande Ribeiro)

What is the biggest rivalry in BJJ?

Certainly Cobrinha vs. Rafael Mendes



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