Tatami Gi Review – 3 month update

As I always said the purpose of this blog was not only to review how the big guy Gi’s fit and react but also how they stand up to the pushing and pulling, the rolling and sparring and the washing and care that generally is put onto a Gi when you are my size. A quick illustration of this is taken form the fact I weigh around 310 lbs and spar in general with the bigger lads who are at about 210 lbs. Therefore (and these are rough calculations): I place 26 pounds of pressure per square inch on my knee when it is down. 155 pounds of pressure per square inch on my elbow when it is down. Around 500 lbs of torque on the sleeve when I stand and lift an opponent who is gripping my sleeve. This is a lot of pressure to put on a garment which costs at the start around £70 and just go up and up from there so how do they stand up to it, is the purchase going to be good for a while but start to come apart quickly and soon become a patchwork quilt or a discolored mess? Thus after the reviews I do I will be going back and looking at the Gi’s after a few months and then after about a year so here is the Tatami look back 3 months down the line.

Well to be honest the Zero G has done a little bit as I expected, it is a very light Gi and while the jacket still looks fairly pristine the trousers have started to scuff a little and show a few broken stitches.  However as I said this is a Gi I would recommend to a larger competitor when they compete or when it is very warm.  It has stood up very well overall it is just starting to  look a little battle worn, but by no means is it looking like it will give up the ghost any time soon.

As for the Estilo I have to say I am amazed it has stood up incredibly well it looks pristine and has had some real hard hammer, especially the half guard session with Fiddy and numerous rolls with Chaz.  It looks as good now as it did and has not a stitch or scuff out of place.  A fabulous effort considering the pressure and tension it has been out under to say the least.

I will be off line for the next week or so with a wedding (not mine) amongst other things in my diary but I for one cannot wait to review the new Estilo 2 along with a couple of other reviews for Gi’s and a new App which will be coming soon.

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