Gi’s Galore and Reviews ahoy

Well I am almost back to the same lack of physical fitness I was at the end of the year and some consistent training is on the horizon 🙂  I am booked for some physio so may be a fully functioning human soon.

Was at a wedding last week which was great and have the big party for it this Friday but not sure the whiskey and beer has helped, though guess it is kill or cure 🙂 I think it is time for a serious weight loss program and new diet as I turn 34 April 1st and it has gone on too long to quote Cypress Hill “Fat guy on a diet, don’t try it” well think I am gonna have to.

Anyway I now have a stack of Gi reviews due as I have been very lucky and had some great folk help me out so to follow on in teh next few weeks and months are in no particular order.

Black Eagle Predator – the new Gi in the big guy size and initial view is it looks and feels lovely

Tatami Estilo 2 – The next generation from Tatami and as ever it it seems a quality item

Sick Gi – Had some issues with this one as the one I was sent had short arms and some quality issues, however I spoke to Jim who said this was a review Gi issue and he would send a new one, well this has arrived and it fits great and seems a far better Gi

Lucky Gi – Thanks to scotty for what is of course a top Gi

Gorilla Gi – Heavy duty and hard wearing but initial rolls may have highlighted some issues

I also hope to have a app review from a UK black belt and I have some top interviews coming up which is all exciting, so onwards and upwards this year I intend to make April 1st 2011 my turning point and kick on from there.

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