Black Eagle Predator II – Arrived

Thanks so much to Steve Turner at Black Eagle the new Predator II has arrived and looks lovely, I will just have to see how I get on with rip stop trousers as I have never been that keen personally on the feel but these do seem softer so we shall see.

So I am looking forward to getting this reviewed along with all the others I have I just need to get rolling again and hopefully the physio I am having on my back along will help with this goal.  Also the Friday April 1st deadline I have set for my new leaf is looming as it will be the start of my 35th year around which is half my 3 score years and 20 🙂

Steve also tells me that this Gi will be available in an A6 if there is enough demand and that it has virtually zero shrinkage (we will see 🙂 )

There is also a plan to try and introduce mix and match pants and jackets come about September but this is very much a thought at the moment.


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