UK MMA – New Book

How cool is this, a new UK MMA book has just come out “Bloody Revolution A Journey Into UK MMA” click here for info

The cover picture was taken by recent forge blue belt and all round good guy Martin Rhodes

and the author’s (Mick Bower) daughter also trains at the forge, now if that is not reason enough for you lot from the forge to get out there and buy it I do not know what is.  However this is not just for forge guys this is a book for all UK MMA fans, I have just started reading it as it was an early birthday gift so I will report back later on but it seems well written and easy to read.

The book is also available in paperback and kindle formats from Amazon UK

So why not give it a go support a UK based and even better (in my opinion) South Yorks based writer as if this ones goes well I am promised there will be more to come.

And anyway what is there not to like about a man who told Jaime Oliver Go Home

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  1. Cool – I’m not sure the title gives the right impression, but always good to have more history books to read. Does it mention the development of BJJ in there?

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