Don’t call it a comeback…….No seriously don’t

The track of this blog was about rolling, Gi’s and reviews and then I vanished, why you ask? Well in fact no one did but I am, going to tell you anyway so suck it 🙂

I got very very down as a combination of work in a new city and a constant bad back meant training became almost impossible.

Then the bad back became horrendous and ended me in surgery more of which tomorrow.

So this blog now becomes my journey hopefully back to training and finally improving my skills and BJJ future. It may interest some and may not interest a lot more but I know I have spent a lot of time looking for info about people who have had back surgery and managed to return to BJJ and there is not that much so maybe this will help a little.


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One response to “Don’t call it a comeback…….No seriously don’t

  1. What happened man? To the journey back? I am struggling right there with you, it is getting more and more difficult to go back each day.

    I don’t have a good reason though like an injured back, I just lost motivation and am looking for inspiration. I did just buy a new gi so perhaps that will be the spark.

    I hope you have gotten back into it and either way, you should update your blog. Perhaps some other jiu-jitseiros will find your site and get some support.


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