Small Details

Well I managed Monday/Thursday last week and Monday this week and while my back is holding up well I am physically feeling it and really need to stick to that new year diet to get some weight off and some cardio up.

So my January 1st weight was 24st 8lb and hopefully over the months this will go down and down as I get fitter and stronger.

Anyway the point of this is around a class that I did with Gregg on Thursday and one with Chaz yesterday along with some conversations with John.

The classes have been focused around two relatively simple things, an arm bar and a sweep but have shown me that while the basics are still there the small details are what I have forgotten or have become blunted by 19 months away.

As Gregg put it “if you know an arm bar from mount you know one arm bar, if you know true and proper arm bar technique you know many many arm bars” and this is very true and what I am missing. I know what I need to do but at the moment am too slow or just not quite getting it and I was not sure why, basically it is down to fine details. Doing it all properly but not turning my hips right, or putting a foot on the floor rather than on their hip or a number of things.

The basics are there but the drilling that I have done over and over has left me a little bit and I am sort of running at that level where I almost have it and the instincts are already coming back but it is just behind a step.

All this really is to make the point that as boring as it might seem to drill the basics over and over if you don’t you will never ever get the helicopter arm bars or inverted guard. Build from a solid foundation and try driving a car first before you move to a flying car.


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