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Dave “The Iron Giant” Keeley

My good friend Dave Keeley was promoted to blue belt in BJJ at the weekend and I just thought I would post this profile of him as he is surely going to break it big time in the next year.


  • Height:  6’10”
  • Weight:                260 lbs
  • Team:  Gracie Barra Sheffield
  • Management:  Suckerpunch Entertainment
  • Titles: Strike and Submit Heavyweight Champion, Yorkshire White Collar Boxing Champion


Standing at nearly seven feet tall and fighting in the premier division of combat sport, heavyweight, Dave is undisputedly one of the most recognisable and fastest rising fighters in the UK and European MMA scene.  Couple that with the fact that he has begun a successful foray into the massively untapped and hungry MMA scene in Asia and you have an exciting prospect just waiting to explode onto the big stage.

Dave has already been picked to fight for his country as the heavyweight fighter on the M1 global team at an event in Holland shown worldwide and on Bravo (part of the Virgin TV group) in the UK.

Even at this early stage in his career he has begun to fight a who’s who of both UK and worldwide talent.  He suffered a controversial defeat to UFC veteran Neil Wain who after the fight was unable to take his shot against Hall Of Fame fighter Jeff “The Snowman” Monson.  Dave stepped up to the plate at very short notice and took the Monson fight shown on Sky TV.  Dave did considerable damage to Monson cutting him badly and only fell to a choke which has been named after Monson himself who is a legendary and decorated grappler.

Primarily known for his excellent striking utilising his huge reach the defeat to Monson only made Dave redouble his grappling training at the world class GB Sheffield where he often trains with world champion blackbelts and which is run by John Goldson himself a blackbelt and respected BJJ trainer.

Dave’s wide appeal has been shown with his fights for Cage warriors in both London and Jordan which were shown in the UK on Sky TV and worldwide to an audience in 42 countries.  Couple this with his victory by an arm snapping arm bar in the KF-1 tournament in Korea shows across Asia and you have a fighter who is building into a global attraction.

This will only grow with his return to the KF-1 tournament in October where he fights in the next round of this event run by the South Korean government who see MMA as the next big thing.

In November the Iron Giant goes to China for M1 global again and this is promises to be a massive show shown worldwide and a win guarantees him another M1 fight.

All of this is very impressive and coupled with the fights on Total Combat and Strike and Submit cards as well as being the Strike and Submit Heavyweight Champion and Yorkshire Heavyweight White Collar boxing champion and you have a fighter early in his career who has already made giant strides.

Dave is available for sponsorship and provides an excellent opportunity to anyone looking to see their name on not only a UK wide but a global stage.

www.irongiantmma.com coming soon






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Book Review – Bloody Revolution A Journey Into UK MMA

So I have just finished reading the new UK MMA book “Bloody Revolution A Journey Into UK MMA” click here for info

I should always mention that the cover picture was taken by my GB Sheffield team mate and recent forge blue belt and all round good guy Martin Rhodes as he can get a wee bit precious if he is not mentioned.

I thought this was a really god read, easy to follow, well researched and shows that this is something Mick has a real passion for.

I have been to a few MMA fights in the UK and frankly Mick captures it perfectly, a world of hard dedicated men who give all they can in cages and rings from tiny leisure centers to large arenas. He also captures beautifully the people who go and watch and this is perhaps the bit that I most associated with and laughed at, the cage side Royce Gracie’s dressed like a Burberry cologne bottle with more bad tattoos than the whole of Sheffield put together.

This then is what makes it so readable so much fun so interesting, it is not just another book about the fights, the fighters et al, as we have all read a lot about this and the events, there are sites galore out there that cover this in depth. This gets under the skin of what makes MMA in the UK so good and also at times so awful to attend and watch. How quickly the mood can swing, swing back and then settle again and how blood feuds as well as long term bonds are formed at these events.

It is a book I would highly recommend to all UK fans as you will associate with it and it will make you both smile and shake your head, for all readers over seas it is a great insight into the world of MMA over here and well worth reading.

Also published on the US websites http://www.mma.humankindpreview.com/book-review-bloody-revolution-a-journey-into-uk-mma

and on the front page of on the mat http://www.onthemat.com/blogs-posts/book-review-%E2%80%93-bloody-revolution-journey-uk-mma

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UK MMA – New Book

How cool is this, a new UK MMA book has just come out “Bloody Revolution A Journey Into UK MMA” click here for info

The cover picture was taken by recent forge blue belt and all round good guy Martin Rhodes

and the author’s (Mick Bower) daughter also trains at the forge, now if that is not reason enough for you lot from the forge to get out there and buy it I do not know what is.  However this is not just for forge guys this is a book for all UK MMA fans, I have just started reading it as it was an early birthday gift so I will report back later on but it seems well written and easy to read.

The book is also available in paperback and kindle formats from Amazon UK

So why not give it a go support a UK based and even better (in my opinion) South Yorks based writer as if this ones goes well I am promised there will be more to come.

And anyway what is there not to like about a man who told Jaime Oliver Go Home

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Ross Pettifer – New site

My good friend and training buddy Mr Ross Pettifer has launched his new website


Check it out and my interview with Ross which I did for onthemat here

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