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Hello – My Journey in BJJ so far

Well this is my first blog post somewhat influenced by others who do this and also as an attempt to record my BJJ journey.

I always loved combat sports, boxing, wrestling and anything with physical contact and as such took up rugby, got to a good standard, blew my knee out and ballooned in weight.

Fast forward to November 2008 and I have decided that after years watching the UFC and things like that I want to find somewhere to teach me BJJ.

I googled round and found The Forge in Sheffield home of John Goldson and Gracie Barra Sheffield and I have never looked back.  Without a doubt this has proven to be the best experience and sport that I have ever found.  I stepped onto the matt as a 360 lbs white belt without a clue.

I took a lot of knocks, armbars, chokes, foot locks and beastings oh the beastings.  I went to competitions and got my ass handed too me and I got hammered week in week out, but I LOVED it.

Now in June 2010 I am 302 lbs (still some way to go) and  a Blue Belt I stripe, which was the proudest day I have had in years when I got my Blue.  I have met and trained with Lucio Sergio, Lagarto, Ben Poppleton, London ShootFighters, Royce Gracie and others.  I have been to the Seni and come away with a silver (blog to follow) and I cannot get enough.

Journey is only just begun but I will keep on it as long as I can.


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