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ADCC 2011 day one

I will post a better update when I have worked out all that went on however just to say.

What a good day it was, well organised, some great fights and loads of the top fighters wandering around more than happy to pose for pictures or just chat.

One odd thing was watching fighters who when you train with them seem almost invincible getting beaten, it almost seems impossible but it happens.

As expected the superfight was cagey but with so much to win and lose it was not a shock.

Roll on day 2.


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BJJ European Open – The Black Belt’s

Have a look at the excellent blog that Gracie Mag have done HERE on the European open where our very own Lagarto is mooted as the pre book favourite for the Europeans.

Am afraid that I am still pretty poorly so the updates have not been as forth coming as they should have done but this will all change as hopefully next week will bring some progress health wise.

However a guest column, notes from a Samurai will be starting soon so that is something to look forward too as he will be reviewing the Bruno Alves seminar that I helped to arrange but sadly could not attend.

I also hope to have some app reviews up tomorrow all being well.

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No resolutions but goals for 2011:

Lose a few stone picked up my lipotrim this morning start it Tuesday.

Work less hours.

Train more often and harder at the gym and BJJ.

Progress my stripes.

Deadlift 200kg squat 200kg bench 100kg.

Compete more starting on feb 6th.

Build more and more along with Mmad website and magazine.

Help the forge all I can continue to be the best.

Keep Kerry as happy as she makes me.

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Upcoming stuff and a little help with a prize

Hi All

So my Roy Dean Blue Belt review is up and some more to come which are listed below I also need your help and suggestions, clean ones, to a question below.

Roy Dean No Gi iPhone App
Roy Dean Purple Belt iPhone App
Draculino Blue Belt Complete iPhone App
Draculino Subscription iPhone App
MMA Encyclopedia The Book

Tatami Estilo Premier A5 Gi

Ross Pettifer
John Goldson
Draculino Vinicius Magalhaes himself

…and much more, some may appear on other sites but I will link them here.

So to the question I have, I have been told I should get a rating system like 4/5 stars but have also been told that is boring, so what scoring icon shall I use, if not stars or BJJ Belts (done to death)

Best Suggestion wins a copy of Iceman: My Fighting Life by Chuck Liddell

Hey it aint much but I am just getting started

  • I write this blog for my personal enjoyment. From time to time I may give my opinion on a product or service. It is just my opinion and other people‚Äôs opinions may differ.

    I will pick the prize winner just about what makes me laugh most and what is most appropriate, no favouritism will be shown it is purely on what I like at the time I pick it, entries end 9am Monday 22nd Nov

    As a BJJ practitioner and Master of BMJ (Big Man Jitsu) I, like Yoda, am sustained by the living force!
    As such I have no sponsors to please or benefactors before whom I must Kow-tow.
    I say it as I see it.
    When it comes to reviews I speak without fear or favour.


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